An Abandoned Dream

          I believe in learning through experience, a book was never a good companion to me as it is for Billions around the world. Experience is something which we gain through life’s lessons, from an Infant to an Adult paddling through the river of Life gaining knowledge that helps to put things in right place even in difficult situations.Sometimes it’s really irritating to hear people say things about dumping life. I have had the same thoughts from time to time, its good to have people around who knows you well. We live this life designed by others, the fact is.. this system developed by people for people has been so effectively developed that it has surpassed the reality and has become the truth.

        Even when I am talking all this non-sense, what you are reading is what I feel conveyed with a language designed by us to produce a form of communication to let you know what I want you to listen, isn’t it? The last statement doesn’t even make any sense… but then, we do believe that “God” is real, or for the people who believe in science… the happening of “Big Bang”… Everything written or said by someone. We read articles on the Internet that something has been discovered, and a paper following the find, describing the details. We believe everything that’s said by a qualified person who has been qualified by the same system which runs this lie? or the so called truth!

In the middle of this menace, the race to survive… we forgot to live our life… we forgot to know more about our Existence.

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